From your PC or Mac

To View your cameras from a PC or Mac, visit WebViewer at


Because the videos are stored in your Google Drive or Dropbox, you can access your videos from the viewer device or directly from a web browser. Visit or to sign in and view your recordings directly. The easiest and quickest way to watch, organize, share, or delete videos is from your pc or mac web browser.

If you need to save the video locally, simply download the file from your web browser.

WardenCam only has access to add or delete within the app/wardencam folder. Wardencam does not have access to other files in your cloud space.


  1. The video logs are saved in “appswardencamlog” folder in your Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Motion recordings are saved in “appswardencamevent” folder in your Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. The cameras and viewer should be linked to the same Dropbox or Google Drive account!
  4. You can also watch, organize and delete your videos from your Google Drive or Dropbox website. But do not modify the app/wardencam folder and its subfolder.
Example Website view of Dropbox with WardenCam videos
dropbox folder
Example Website view of Google Drive with WardenCam videos
googledrive folder