Camera Menu


Name and Email

The device’s WardenCam app is linked to this email account. All your devices must have the same gmail account to link together.

License Type

The license type is displayed as Free or Pro. To upgrade to Pro, see Trial & Upgrade

To Viewer Mode

This switches the device to Viewer mode. See Viewer Main Screen

Name the Camera

Name your device to identify each camera device.
Example: Kitchen, Baby Room, Front Door


Set your cloud storage location (Dropbox or Google Drive).

Power Saving Mode

Sets this camera to reduce power usage by slowing down frame rate. Motion detection and recording remains on. Starting Android 8.0+, the camera has to be in the power saving mode in order to continue running. Turning off the display will force camera to stop.


Upgrade to our Pro Version. See Trial & Upgrade


Opens Camera Settings screen

Sign Out

Sign out and disconnect WardenCam from your Google Account.


Displays version number to help us troubleshoot. Try updating all your devices first as bugs are continually fixed. If you run into issues, please let us know and provide the Version.